| Racing

  • Veterinarians practicing at Red Mile must be licensed by the KBVP and KHRC, approved by Red Mile, and will be issued an identification sticker to be visible on their vehicle at all times. Practicing without approval may result in immediate expulsion.
  • Veterinarians are required to sign in and out at the Red Mile stable gate and maintain a KHRC Veterinary Report of Horses Treated to be submitted to the KHRC veterinarian daily.
  • Veterinarians practicing at Red Mile do so with the understanding that, by KHRC rules, horses entered to race at Red Mile may receive no treatment or medication within 24 hours of post time of the race in which said horse is scheduled to participate.
  • All veterinarians practicing at Red Mile are responsible for safe disposal of all medical waste (sharps, empty vials, etc).

Any violation of these rules may result in the scratch of any horse in question, fines, suspension, and/or expulsion.